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For Education

Children can understand the basic rules of maths whilst playing.
Join 2cm Maths Cubes, triangles and buttons together to make three dimensional abstract designs, or imaginative moving models.
For the basic understanding of addition, subtraction, fractions and simple equations, the colourful Maths Cubes are the ideal aid during the early stage of a child's development.
The mosaic designs are made from the new square and triangular plates that fit onto the bricks and triangles or straight onto the transparent counting board which comes with various underlays for different counting schemes.

The Dick System 2cm Maths Cubes as well as the 1.7cm constructional cubes, can be joined on all six sides to show volume relationship.

For the older child, the 2cm Maths Cubes can be used with 2cm Triangles and Buttons for model building. The Maths Cube teaching board is for use by children of pre-school age upwards.


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